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Producers and Distributors of All Natural Organic Fertilizer

Acid Plant Food and Potato Mix 3-3-6
A unique ready-to-use blend. Beneficial in lowering soil pH. All nutrients and trace minerals are derived from natural sources to provide an excellent balance for growing acid-loving plants. To be used on acid loving plants such as potato, blueberry, strawberry, squash, rhododendrons, azaleas, evergreens and shrubs.

Alfalfa Meal 3-0-2
As a fertilizer, alfalfa meal provides primary and secondary nutrients to plants along with many enzymes, vitamins and growth promoting factors.

Bat Guano 2-26-0
Rich in soluble nitrogen, phosphorous and trace elements. Bat guano can be thousand of years old. Bat guano is usually powdery and is used any time of the year as a top dressing, diluted in a tea, or used as a foliar spray.
Big One Liquid 5-2-1
Our new Big One Juice will get you growing the "Big Ones", these specially balanced nutrients in their natural complex forms remain in the soil enhancing the population of beneficial soil microorganisms, which aid plants in getting all the nutrients they require to grow the big ones.

Blood Meal 14-0-0
A quick acting fertilizer which promotes rapid growth and high yields. Blood meal provides abundant chelated iron and nutrient rich amino acids. Cultivate into soil before planting or as a side dressing to stimulate green leaf growth.

Carrot Formula Mix 1-9-3
Designed to produce outstanding carrots naturally.

Canola Seed Meal 6-2-5-1
An all-round organic source of nitrogen, phosphorous, and trace materials, used by gardeners who prefer vegetable meals as a source of nutrients. Canola meal breaks down rapidly and will supply balanced nutrients throughout the growing season.

Cotton Seed Meal 7-3-2
An excellent all-purpose organic fertilizer. Cottonseed meals' ability to slightly acidify soil is especially valuable for potatoes, blueberries, squash, strawberries, rhododendrons, and azaleas.

Feather Meal 14-0-0
Excellent slow release of nitrogen. This fertilizer gradually releases nitrogen over the season as the protein decomposes with microbial activity. Encourages humus productions and good soil tilth. Apply in the fall with a cover crop for a nitrogen rich soil the following spring.

Fish and Crab Meal 8-5-1

Fish Bone Meal 5-22-1 + calcium
Sea-water is the ultimate depository of all water-soluble nutrients and elements that were once in the soil. Fish and plants living in the sea enjoy complete and balanced nutrition. Fishbone meal, is our highest phosphorous fertilizer. Use with or as a substitute for other bone meal products.

Flax Seed Meal 6-3-2
Similar to canola seed meal in nutrient value. 100% Canadian product from organic sources.

Flower Power Liquid 2-7-2
Liquid flower power fertilizer aids in fruiting, flowering, and finishing maintenance and is ideal for establishing fertile soils, root development, and attractive vigorous plants Increasing microbial activity, creating an effective and sustainable approach to fertilizing.

Flower Power Mix 4-10-4
Trusted by professionals. Will foster attractive vigorous plants and flowers.

Green Sand 0-1-8
Greensand is essentially a hydrated silicate of iron and potash. It is a natural mineral extracted from the famous Greensand deposits of Sewell. This natural mineral has a tendency to open tight soils and bind loose soils. Nutrient availability through its' "base-exchange" action releases the minerals in the soil for assimilation by the plant. Greensand renews vigour of the mineral exchange in the topsoil.

Kelp Meal 1-1-2
Ascophyllum Nodosum kelp meal is a rich, non-polluting source of natural organic minerals and nutrients. Kelp contains over 60 minerals and elements, 21 amino acids, simple and complex carbohydrates, and several essential growth hormones (auxins, cytokinins, and gibberellins).

Langbeinite 0-0-22 (K-MAG)
Potassium aids in the formation of carbohydrates (sugars and starches), improves quality of fruits and vegetables, and stiffens plant tissue by balancing resistance to disease and cold weather.

Rock Phosphate 0-27-0
Rock Phosphate is a naturally occurring rock mineral, Apatite. Rock phosphate is a good soil builder that encourages earthworms and beneficial soil microbes. Adds valuable carbon (6-7%) and natural chelating agents which make trace elements more plant-available. With adequate phosphorous, plants develop larger root systems and growth.

Season Lawn Fertilizer 6-2-4
Seasons high grade organic fertilizer with a N-P-K of 6-2-4 can achieve a growth response greater than that produced by commercial chemical fertilizers with a much higher N-P-K rating. SEASONS LAWN FERTILIZER can effectively and substantially increase the microbial activity in soil. This increase along with a full range of macro and micro nutrients reduces the plants need for high N-P-K concentrations.

Soluble Fish Powder 12-1-1
Soluble fish powder is dry, concentrated, easy-to use, and certifiable by organic growing codes everywhere. Our soluble fish powder contains no synthetic chemicals nor is it diluted with water. This high protein fish fertilizer is uniquely processed to retain the maximum nutritional benefits of ocean fish. Powdered fish contains essential amino acids and an array of primary minerals.

Steamed Bone Meal 3-15-0
An excellent source of organic phosphorous, nitrogen, and calcium (24%). Steamed bone meal promotes abundant root and vegetative growth. It intensifies the colour and development of fruit and flowers. For use on bulbs, shrubs, hedges, flowers, fruit trees, roses and vegetables.

Sunflower Hull Ash 0-5-35
Sunflower Hull Ash provides an exceptional source of organic phosphate and potassium. Contain 8% calcium, 6% magnesium, 3% sulphur with a pH 10. It's naturally high pH is beneficial for flowers and perennials when mixed with compost and other organic potting materials.
Super Grow Mix 4-4-4
A ready-to-use multi-purpose mix suitable for a wide variety of gardening projects. Gives a longer lasting response to your gardening needs. "Super Grow Mix" is the fertilizer of choice.

Super K Liquid 2-1-7
Super "K" ä is perfect for the natural finishing of fruits and vegetables. This liquid fertilizer has been specially designed to deliver elevated potassium and micro-nutrient levels. Let's just say it puts the polish on the apple.

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