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(A) What are "Feeder Paks"?
Leapstart Feeder Paks are 10 gram and 30 gram biodegradale "teabags" ofr contorlled release fertilizers (organic formulas also available). They are designed for use at time of planting with new transplants.

(B) Why fertilize at time of planting?
Nursery grown plants, both bareroot and contanier grown have restricted or compromised root systems. Placing Leapstart Paks into the root zone insures that the transplant will have an adequate nutrient supply to help it re-grow a new root system, particularly the " first order of laternal roots"

(C) What is the "first order of laternal roots"?
"First order of laternal roots" are the huge mainframe roots taht extent outward near the surface to the extermities of the area surrounding the plant. Lateral roots supports the " secondary and tertiary roots" from which the fine root hairs extend out to from mycorrhizal associations taht gather nutrients and moisture from the soil.

(D) What happens if the "lateral roots" don't develop properly?
This leads to transplant shock" or " palnting check". Growth and palnt vigor are reduced, cardohydrates available for growth are used up and nutrient storage within the plant is limited. Future development and plant health health is compromised.

How can a 10 gram fertilizer treatment improve plant growth and vigor?
The nutrients available in Leapstart Feeder Paks provide the energy source for new transplants to rapidly develop roots necessary for healthly development. It is this expanded root system taht propels healthly plant development and improve growth.

(E) What about "Planting Tablets"?
Tablets do not break down efficiently enough to supply transplants with adequate level of nutrients. Release is from "surface degradation" caused by bacterai that are rarely present on disturded planting sites. Release is always erratic and slow.

(F) What makes Leapstart Feeder Paks a better treatment than tablets?
Leapstart Feeder Paks release nutrients only when root activity occurs, namely when soil temperatures are 40 F (5 C) and warmer. And, only when adequtes soil moisture levels are present to transport the nutrients into the roots and up through the stem to the leaves. Release is always consistent and avialable when good growing conditions occur. If the soil becomes too dry or too cold, the nutrients are locked off and reseved until prime conditions reoccur.

Can Leapstart Feeder Paks cause fertilizers burn?
Fertilizers burn will not occur when Leapstart Feeder Paks are usedd properly. Placement must be 2 to 33 inches ( 5cm to 8cm) away from roots on small plants (one gallon or smaller). This os not only a safely barrier, but it allows the nutrient diffusion to spread through a wider area of the root zobe, increasing butrient uptake.

(G) Are ther any scientific reports on RTI feeder paks?
Yes, there are several reports on Leapstart Feeder Paks published in Prestigious sciebtific journals. A few are as follows: The american Journal of Soil Science, Canadian Journal of Forest Research, Plant and Soil, Kluwer Academic Press, Netherlands, and the Scansinnavin Journal of Forest Research. No such research appears to be available on "Planting Tablets".

(H) What is the environmental fate of Leapstart Feeder Paks?
The packet is made of biodegradable paper and will break down rather quickly under most conditions. The nutrient use efficiency of Leapstart Feeder Paks is near 100%. The nitrogen cannot laech away, the phosphorus cannot end up in surface water and all the other nutrients are completely available to the plant. The polymer coating used to control nutrients release breaks down to carbon, oxygen and hydrogen compounds (water and carbobdioxide) over a 3 to 5 year period. Leapstart Feeder Paks are commonly used in environmentally sensitive areas such as "watersheds" and "riparian zones" to rapidly establish plant and reduce erosion control.

Landscape Pro:
Lancscape 20-10-10 plus minors: 10g-50 count and 500 count resealable zip sealed bags
Landscape Natural 8-4-4: 10g-50count and 500 count resealable zip sealed bags

Ag/Hort Pro:
Ag Pro 19-7-11 plus minors for fruit, Nut and Citus Established: 30g-250 countc case
Ag Pro 17-5-8 plus minors and biostimulants for vines and Berries: 10g-500 count case
Vineyard Blend 4-2-2 with symbosis Mycorhizal Inoculants: 20g- 500 count case

Forest and Restoration Pro:
Leapstart Bio Pak 16-6-8 plus minors and biostimulants for harsh sites: 10g-1,000 count case
Leapstart Forest pak 20-11-9 plus minors for Conifer seedlings: 10g-1,000 count case
Leapstart Booster Pak 22-10-7 plus minors for planting Hardwood: 30g-250 count case
Leapstart Root Zone Feeder Pak 5-3-3 Organic plus symbolis Mychorrizal Inoculant: 30g-250 count case

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