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Kelp - Soil Conditioner



The Health of Your Soil is Vital to the Health of Growing Plants

SeaLife Kelp Meal is a soil conditioner made from the seaplant Ascophyllum nodosom, which is harvested from coastal Maine waters. The live plants are quickly dried at a low temperature to maintain the proper moisture level for vitamin and amino acid stability.

SeaLife Kelp Meal contains 60 trace minerals and an assortment of amino acids, enzymes, and alginates that feed and stimulate the necessary microorganisms in your soil. A healthy, active microbial population will breakdown organic material and improve the quality and texture of the soil.

How Do I Use Kelp Meal?

SeaLife Kelp Meal is mixed into the soil in early spring and fall at a rate of 1 pound per 100 square feet or 300 pounds per acre.

What Can I Expect To See?

Healthy soil doesn’t come overnight. What you will see is a gradual improvement in the feel and look of your soil. It will become more crumbly and lighter in texture, perhaps becoming a little darker in color as the microorganisms digest and make available the organic matter in your soil. As you continue to use SeaLife from season to season you will see healthier-looking, disease-resistant crops and your soil and will look better and better.

Benefits of SeaLife Kelp Meal Soil Conditioner


  • Exceptional natural ingredient for increasing organic matter  
  • Improves microbial activity in the soil
  • Reduces nutrient leaching  
  • Increases water retention
  • Promotes manageability and tilth in heavy soils  
  • Improves soil fertility

    Mesh Size: 14

Available Sizes:

50-lb. bags

25-lb. pails with resealable lids


Accepted in Organic Agriculture

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